Choosing to Live With Joy To Attract Success and Abundance

Choosing to Live With Joy To Attract Success and Abundance

Many people talk about happiness as a place they are aspiring to be.  But choosing to live with joy can attract success and abundance into your business and your life.choosing-to-live-with-joy

I have many clients who tell me that they will be happy when they lose weight, or find the man of their dreams, or when the kids are settled.

But many studies have found that acquiring money, education, a big house or an expensive car do not affect happiness levels as much as we may expect.

In fact, in particular, researchers who have studied people who have won the lottery have found that people who have won are no happier than those who struggle.  Even though many people believe the opposite.

Happiness is an external often temporary state of being. Whereas the expression of joy is an emotion that not only becomes away of being, but also can attract more success and abundance into your life.

Being joyful requires feeling connected to other people in life, with nature, and requires  an acceptance of life as it is, in the present.

When someone experiences joyfulness, physiological and biochemical  alterations occur within our brain that encourage a sense of well-being, completely altering any negative view of life.

Joy is an attitude or a belief, which can make even the most challenging times easier to manage.

But most of all, people who are joyful are a pleasure to be around.  If you want to attract greater relationships in business and in life, practise being joyful, as others will feel your joy and want to associate with you.there-is-a-joy-that-comes-and-stays

Three ways you can become more joyful

Feeling Grateful

Gratitude is a state of being.  To be grateful for life as we know it.  The sunrise or sunset, the air we breathe, the food on our table and the health of those we love.

Living in the Present Moment

The only thing we have power over is how we feel right at any moment.  Instead of worrying about the future, or being concerned about the past. The ability to enjoy the present moment helps you feel joyful and centred to appreciate your own uniqueness

Volunteer, Support a Cause, Practice Random Acts of Kindness 

Helping others increases the endorphin like chemicals in the brain.  Becoming active in a cause helps people feel in control or empowered, especially when facing a difficult life challenge. Simply being kind to others, has a way to increase your energy and bring a sense of peace and calm to you.

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