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It’s Time To Push The Reset Button

It's Time To Push The Reset Button

It’s Time To Push The Reset Button

While we have no idea how long the CoVid19 restrictions will last we can still choose to make the decisions how we are going to come out of it,

One of those ways is to Choose to push the reset button.

1. Time to re-evaluate your health and wellbeing.
2. Time to re-evaluate your exercise routine..
3. Time to re-evaluate your relationships –
4. Time to re-evaluate your mental wellbeing –

Sally Shares some strategies to help you.

4 Things that we can ask our selves to help us in that process…

  1. Looking life on before COVID19, what do you miss the most?
  2. What are those things in your life before the shutdown which you now realized are not important?
  3. List of things you want to do more.
  4. How can you create Harmony?

You can still watch it in the Living Lighter Group

and if you have not yet done the quiz, you can click here to access it

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