Fear of Rejection, Sally Thibault, Isn't It Time, EFT, Tapping


Sally Thibault, Isn't It Time, EFT, Tapping

In order to be successful, there is one thing we all must do, and that is at some stage of our career or business we will need to overcome the fear of rejection.

Whether that’s a sales conversation, submitting a manuscript for your book, a new idea for your workplace or asking people to join your team

The fear of rejection destroys the dreams of the most brilliant of minds

This is especially true for many women – and particularly when it comes to selling their products or their services.

So on this week’s Facebook live show I shared.

1. How fear of rejection is like a chameleon that masks itself in other ways
2. How to uncover the cause of fear of rejection to overcome it
3. The advice I once received from a sales mentor that totally changed my view of selling and ultimately my fear of rejection.

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