Isn't It Time


Isn’t it Time to Reclaim Your Body?

There is a major change brewing. The anti-diet movement is like a groundswell that is growing everywhere.

Women have had enough. They are taking back control and saying there simply has to be a better way.

And there is.

Over 30 years ago, after years of struggling with an eating disorder, my husband asked me a simple question, that changed my life.

I was so over dieting and excessive exercise to be a certain weight, that I began the process now called Intuitive Eating.

Over the years, I sometimes embraced it, and other times doubted myself and fell into adopting whatever ‘new and amazing’ diet was touted.

Until one day, I realized what I was doing, and stopped focusing on macros, calories, and fat grams stopped buying so-called ‘Super Foods’ and instead went back to what I know works – listening to what my body needs – and responding without judgment.

What happened even astounded me.

On this week’s Facebook Live Show I will share:

1. What Intuitive Eating is – and what it is not
2. Why letting go of the rules is one of the hardest things you will ever do
3. Why Intuitive eating is an art form – not an exact science.
4. Why adopting this one thing, will give you more confidence and energy than ever before.
5. How our body finds it’s natural-sensuous shape when you let go of this one emotion!!

If you are really ready to find your natural shape, to release the need to diet and embrace intuitive eating… Join me on Saturday at 7:30 am Queensland time… after all, isn’t it time you reclaimed your body?

Isn't It Time

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