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Sally Thibault, EFT, Isn't It Time

Over the last few weeks I have shared the first 6 steps to my 8-Step Make Your Intentions Real this year process.

These 8 steps are the steps we have used consistently to manifest what we want in our lives… from our beautiful ocean view apartment, fabulous overseas holiday, to new clients, new programs and new initiatives.

On this week’s show I shared the last 2 steps… plus a bonus 2 more!!

1. The secret advantage most women have that costs nothing to attain… but many find difficult to use (and why)
2. Why determination can work against you
3. The bonus two steps that will make the whole process so much simpler

Are you struggling to make your intentions real this year? I invite you to book in for a 30 minute strategy session here to see if and I how can help you.

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