Time to listen, Sally Thibault, Isn't It Time


Time to listen, Sally Thibault, Isn't It Time

Isn’t it time to listen?

Every day our body is sending us messages.

When you are cold, hungry or tired, your body is telling you to put on a sweater, have something to eat or have a nap.

But what about those messages that hold a much deeper meaning?

You know

The headache that has you reaching for a pain killer, instead of dealing with that problem relationship?

That tiredness you feel that has you reaching for a coffee, instead of questioning why you are doing too much?

Or the extra weight you are carrying that you put down to age, instead of dealing with the sadness or fear you hide from others?

Your body is sending you messages all the time – listening and acting on those messages will determine your health, wellness, energy, and success.

On this week’s Facebook Live show I shared about how to listen to those messages and hear what they are trying to tell you.

1. How not listening to your body can wind up making you sick (true story)
2. How what we were told as children impacts on our ability to listen to the messages.
3. How meditation and EFT play such a critical role in helping you to decipher the message and uncover the meanings.
4. How once you master this skill – you will move from powerlessness to empowerment

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