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ISN’T IT TIME … TO CHANGE I Sally Thibault


On last week’s show we talked about spending time reviewing your intentions for 2019.

The end of June is always a great time rethink about where you are heading and if you are still on track to achieve those intentions, or whether it is time to change direction.

And on this week’s episode of the Isn’t it Time Facebook Live show, I will be sharing the outcome of my own review and why this week’s Isn’t I time Facebook Live show… will be the last.

I have been doing this show in it’s current format for over 18 months now, and things in the online world are changing faster than that.

In order to stay relevant and, seeing the change in the way information is now delivered, and after talks with my accountability partners and Gerry, it became very clear, it was time to change.

Join me on Saturday morning for the last Isn’t It Time Facebook Live show as I share

1. The new vision with a new platform
2. The new name change
3. The new direction and how you can be part of it.

Join me on Saturday morning 7:30 am for the final Isn’t It Time Facebook Live show

I will see you there!isnt-it-time-to-change

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