I am enough

I am enough


If there is one phrase I wish I could get every single person to tattoo on their heart and their mind…it would be the words… I AM ENOUGH. You do not have to be a certain size or weight, own a certain phone, have a certain job, belong to a certain group, drive certain car, be a certain way…


Where you are right is now is based on the decisions you made and the stories you have created in response to the impact that people, words or events of your past made on you when you felt most vulnerable.

Whether you were 4, 14, 24 or 34… at a time when you felt vulnerable, something happened or didn’t happen – and right there you made a decision that you had to be something or somebody else in order to be accepted and loved.

But that is just a story – that is not the truth. You do not have to be anything more than WHO you are right now – to be loved, valued, honored or confident.

YOU ARE ENOUGH… just the way you are. And if somebody makes you feel that you have to be any different – it’s time to let them go!

You have a life to live and a reality to create.


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