Release Visceral Fat

The 10 Part Video Series On How To Release Visceral Fat

The 10 Part Video Series On How To Release Visceral Fat

In October of this year I recorded a 10 part video series on how to release Visceral Fat…. most often felt around the belly area.

Visceral fat is the type of fat that is caused from 4 major issues — Poor diet, Lack of exercise, To Much Stress and Sleep challenges.

And why is it important?

Because Visceral Fat has been linked to many of our major 20th century health issues – Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease. and some cancers – and interestingly enough those first two have been identified as major risk categories for – “you know what!!!”

If there is any time in history where you should be extremely focused on your health, wellbeing and immunity.. It is right now.

Throughout 2020 there has so much alarmist talk about everything else BUT how YOU CAN care for your health and build your immunity.

I don’t know about you – but there is no way I am putting anything untested into my body – when I have the knowledge on how to be healthy and build my immunity without it!!!

Taking 100% responsibility for what I eat, how I exercise, how I deal with stress and get a good nights sleep
If visceral fat is an issue for you … it should be sounding alarm bells. It tells you that the lifestyle you are living is not conducive to good health.

This IS NOT about being a certain size or weight, this issue is about your long term wellbeing. Helping your body in it’s ability to guard against anything that compromises your own longevity, and helps you feel stronger leaner and lighter!!

The videos include
The top 5 ways to release Belly Fat
How to release Belly fat using EFT
How Intuitive Eating helps you release Belly fat
The foods to avoid to release Belly fat
The role of meditation in releasing Visceral Fat
How Intermittent Fasting helps
How understanding your Personality Type can help
What exercises to do to release Visceral Fat
How to get a good night’s sleep

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