Dis-Empowering Habit

How to Ditch That Dis-Empowering Habit

How to Ditch That Dis-Empowering Habit

Habits… they can either help you create success or keep you repeating the same old pattern over and over again.

On this week’s Living Lighter Show talked about how you can ditch that one dis-empowering habit that is sabotaging the success you want.

I shared…..

1. Why your brain will fight you every step of the way…and how to disrupt it.
2. What needs to change on a cellular level for habit change to be transformational.
3. The one strategy that been proven to help you change even the most ingrained dis-empowering habit.

And we ended the show with a tapping session to help you ‘lock in’ that one habit you want to change.

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