Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

While we have no idea how long the CoVid19 restrictions will last we can still choose to make the decision of how we are going to come out of it,

One of those ways is to Choose to push the reset button.

Time to re-evaluate
1. Your health and well-being. ,
2. Your exercise routine…
3. Your relationships
4. Your mental well-being

In today’s episode, Sally Thibault shares simple ways to hit that reset button. She answers in every question perfectly and accurately on the interview. With this interview, you can learn more from the speaker herself the way how she can a small decision or a simple mindset that can make a big difference in her daily lives. Stay and live with a positive mindset and have a fully meaningful every day during the COVID19 pandemic situation that is going through the whole world.

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