Femme De La Creme

Femme De La Creme | Episode 4

Femme De La Creme – Episode 4

When a client comes to work with me on a challenge they are experiencing, in the process, they often step into a new purpose.

Perhaps via a new idea, a new business, or to finally bring to life something they have wanted to do for a long time.

Early this week, I was asked to be a guest on a new podcast called FemmeDeLaCreme, hosted by a client of mine, Cassidy La Creme, who also happens to be a very talented performer, with thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

I have been working with Cassidy for a while now, and during that time have been witness to her incredible transformation.

As you can imagine, with so many social media followers, Cass has also been at the receiving end of hundreds of trolls and negative comments over time, in particular about her body.

As we have worked through the issues, she has faced, rather than feeling the pressure to change her body shape, and she decided to embrace it.

She realized that she had a powerful message to share with other women.

So, recently she launched the FemmeDeLaCreme platform to help other women embrace Body confidence and positivity through the podcast and body-positive dance classes.

The original brief of this episode was for me to talk about the book Lighter and Intuitive Eating, but we ended up going way more in-depth.

On the show, I shared details of my eating disorder, and Cass, for the first time, publicly shared hers.

Lighter Personality Quiz

She also shared how the Lighter Personality Quiz has been a game-changer for her!

This episode is so powerful. And I feel that Cass has a very important role to play in the future, to help other young women heal their relationship with food, weight, and their body.

Click to watch “Femme De La Creme” or just listen to the show on YouTube. And please leave a message of support for her and share the link with somebody you know who may be struggling with body image.

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