Tapping When Life Feels Overwhelming and Challenging

Tapping When Life Feels Overwhelming and Challenging

Do you ever have those times in your life, when life just feels overwhelming and challenging?  Like nothing seems to be going right?

We all have those times.

But when we are in overwhelm and high stress, our ability to think clearly is diminished.  The stress hormone cortisol creates the flight, fight or freeze response.  When that happens the rational, thinking part of your brain struggles.  Quite simply, you just don’t think straight.

However, tapping helps calm the stress response, so you are once again able to think clearly, and at the same time draw on your intuition to create solutions.

In this video, I share a tapping script to help you reduce your stress levels in times that feel overwhelming or challenging.

Are you struggling in some area of your life right now?  Perhaps struggling with your weight? Success or Relationship?

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