How To Tap On Doubt – EFT with Sally Thibault

So this is the month for setting your intentions in place and tapping is a great way to help achieve them.

Creating your 30 day and 90 day intentions,  and staying focused on achieving what you want.

But what happens when you feel doubtful.

Doubt is a feeling that can pull you out of flow.  That can stop the manifestation flowing in your life, because it can stop you being focused.

The moment you lose that focus… the manifestation stops!

The way around it is to tap on the doubt when it arises.  Not to ignore it, rather recognised where it comes from, tap on it and then heal it.

So, for when you create your intentions – also ask – “What is my level of doubt that I can manifest this intention?

Write down the number then tap, being mindful of any ‘random thoughts’  that flow into your mind.

It’s those random thoughts that often hold the belief that can stop you from becoming a master manifester… in business and in life.

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