Definition of Procrastination- If I don’t start, then I can’t fail

Definition of Procrastination- If I don’t start, then I can’t fail

You know, sometimes my clients say some things that are absolute ‘mic drop’ moments.

This week, while working on some issues relating to why a client of mine couldn’t get started on a project she said “If I don’t start… I can’t fail’

OMG…How true is that?

That is the essence of why we procrastinate….. Procrastination holds a myriad of fears… fear of failure
fear of success
fear of being seen
fear of being vulnerable
fear of saying something stupid,
fear of rejection,
fear of making a mistake,
fear of change,

How many times do you use procrastination as a reason not to start something you have dreamed about?

How many times have you procrastinated about starting something because you didn’t feel worthy enough, or good enough, or smart enough, ready enough, perfect enough or deserving enough?

Next time you find yourself procrastinating about starting that fitness routine, or making that call, or creating that video or writing that report… Just ask yourself…. what I am really fearful of? And let your intuition give you the answer you need. You always know the answer to any block you are experiencing… its the courage to listen and release that block that will set you apart!

PS: By the way, my client gave me permission to share this…. it turned into a powerful EFT session!!

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