Being the Change for our Daughters & Subconscious Thoughts

Being the Change for our Daughters & Subconscious Thoughts

Our children are amazingly perceptive.

Whilst we can tell them what to do, in most instances they don’t listen to a thing we say – instead they watch and absorb what we do.

Recently, beauty company DOVE, asked mothers what they thought about their body. They then asked the same question of their daughters. Many mothers were shocked to discover that their daughters wrote down the very same limiting beliefs they had.

Our subconscious thoughts are expressed in our daily habits. What we think, what we say and what we do. And for the most part they driven by an unconscious belief. When we become conscious of those beliefs you may find that what you believe about yourself is not really yours at all. It may be a belief that you inherited from your parents!

When we release the negative or self-deprecating beliefs we hold about ourselves and our body, we change. Our words change; our attitude changes and our actions change. When we change, we create the space to allow our children to embrace that change.

If you are concerned about how your daughters feel about their bodies, take a moment to check  to see what beliefs you have about yours. We can’t change what happens in the media or the way that the ‘perfect body’ is portrayed. But what we can do, is change ourselves, with the hope that our children model their beliefs and behaviours on ours.

The powerful transformational technique of Tapping has been proven to change limiting beliefs that hold us back from experiencing the best of us. Gently and quickly releasing those beliefs that no longer serve us – and when that happens,  the change is both freeing and permanent!

My children are my reason behind doing as much personal development work on myself as I could.  I was determined that I would not pass on my limiting beliefs about my body in particular to my daughters .  I wanted them to love their bodies, to dream big and grab hold of any opportunities that came their way with both hands.  Not waste valuable time standing in front of a mirror judging themselves on the size of their thighs!

I knew that the only way I could do that, was to ensure that I became their role model! Because it is how I live my life that will have the most impact on theirs.

If you are concerned about clearing your limiting beliefs about your body, so you don’t pass it on to your daughters,  email me [email protected]  and let’s have a chat to see if and how I can help you.

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