Creating Business Success Using Feng Shui

Creating Business Success Using Feng Shui – Alisse Bradley

Creating Business Success Using Feng Shui

On this week’s Living Lighter show I was thrilled to interview Alisse Bradley, the author of the book Millionaire Feng Shui,

Alisse has a Graduate Diploma in Natural Science and an Associate Diploma in Human Science, along with qualifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Diagnostic Astrology, Psycho-synthesis, Colour Therapy and Traditional + Western Feng Shui.

She has also trained with Bob Proctor, the late Dr Wayne Dyer Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Expert and Neale Donald Walsch author of the ‘Conversations with God’ series.

Alisse has been a client of mine for a while and her knowledge and expertise in the art of Feng Shui – and in particular – using Feng Shui to create business success – is second to none.

On this show Alisse shared
1. How to create a greater flow of abundance into your business
2. The power of your logo and logo colours
3. How to set up your home office to create the perfect energy for attracting success
4. Why the ancient practise of Feng Shui is the perfect solution to the business challenges of 2020.
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