Covid19 Has Accomplished

One Thing That Covid19 Has Accomplished and That Has Uncovered How Divided People Can Be

There is one thing that Covid19 has accomplished…and that has uncovered how divided people can be.

It is as if there are definitive lines being drawn right now, about all sorts of beliefs and opinions, that can trigger us and cause emotionally charged tension, stress and arguments.

But, I believe we are here at this moment in time, to lead the way; to be the wise women the world needs, and we cannot do that until we understand why people trigger us, and what we can learn from it.

On this weeks’ Facebook Live I shared

1. How to connect triggers to memories to uncover what we most need to learn.

2. How to handle conflicts… especially when you don’t agree on issues that are important to you.

3. Why intuition and compassion are skills we must both master and teach.

4. Why this is the time that has been waiting for you!

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