It’s clear something is not working…but the answer is simple

In preparation for a couple of radio interviews this week, I came across some statistics..
In the US in 2016 $66 BILLION was spent on weightloss/fitness programs.
In Australia 2016 $600 MILLION was spent on the same thing…
And yet 1:3 adults and 1:6 children fall in the overweight or obese category, with Australia and the US topping out the OECD countries being in the top 6 most overweight countries in the world.

All that money, all that time, all those programs, all those promises…

Its is clear something is not working….

But there is an alternative.

In this FaceBook Live I share how to embrace, Intuitive Eating  –  trusting in the innate wisdom of you and your body in making food choices.

Why is this this so important – and what does it have to do with success?

Because if you are in pain, if you are low in energy, if you feel uncomfortable in your clothes…then you cannot be 100% present in your life – or for those you love, and that feeling of pain, discomfort and lack of energy STOPS you from BEING YOU!

When you learn to eat intuitively, to choose foods that your body really needs… instead of listening the the rules set by others that probably don’t apply to you… everything changes!

But EATING INTUITIVELY is easier said than done.

Click on the image below to access the Facebook Live and find out how you can make it part of your life….

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Sally Thibault