Change is hard

Change is hard, and often temporary

Change is hard, and often temporary.

Our brains are wired for certainty and the known, so trying to change anything, by simply making an intention to do so, requires an enormous amount of willpower and determination… ⠀

Transformation, on the other hand, is permanent and life-changing.⠀

It’s the commitment to making the change from the inside out.⠀

✔ Rewriting past stories⠀
✔ Reframing emotional responses⠀
✔ Rewiring limiting beliefs⠀
✔ Reinforcing new beliefs⠀
✔ Refining new habits⠀
✔ Reconnecting to your true self⠀

If you want to change anything about your body, your relationships or your bank account – it starts from WITHIN you first, before you see real change on the outside.⠀

… and your REALITY is your REFLECTION of how well you are doing. ⠀

Change is temporary, Transformation is life-changing… which one will you choose? ????

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