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Whether you loved this year’s Superbowl half time show or not, the fact is, that Jennifer Lopez at 50, and Shakira at 43, made a massive statement.

Middle-aged women

Middle-aged women can be strong, gorgeous and incredibly sensual!

And while most of us do not have the hours, the money or the support to look that good in a silver lycra outfit or have the confidence to shake our butts in front of millions of people… what we do have is the sass to look good in our skin – no matter what our age or our shape.

The problem is we are often fighting against ageism, which can make us feel invisible, small and take away any confidence you have in yourself.

challenge to overcome

In reality, what makes ageism such a challenge to overcome is that we are often up against two barriers – Ageism in the media and workplace… and Ageism in our own minds. One we can change and one we really have to ignore.

Have you ever seen one of those ‘Over 55’s Retirement Village” advertisements and thought “Glad they are not talking to me?”… Me too!! It’s as if the media has a preconceived idea about what over 55 looks like and it continues to be perpetrated by 30-something Advertising Executives who have forgotten how to do market research!

For women in the workplace, however, ageism can be a real challenge to their confidence. When suddenly their experience and wisdom are no longer an asset, but instead are down to by their ‘university-qualified’ supervisors, 20 years their junior.

External Ageism

While there is not a lot you can do about external ageism, other than buy a silver lycra leotard, find a stage and a pole and strut your stuff (I promise kids, I won’t!!) …what you can do is to think and change what you believe about you and age. Because once you do that, quite honestly you won’t even care!

1. Be Fully Conscious of Your Thoughts

According to the National Science Foundation we have an average of 50,000 thoughts per day, and research predicts that as many as 60 – 70% are negative!

What are the thoughts you have about yourself? Your abilities? What do you want to do with this next stage in your life? Be daring, and bold, uncover those self-imposed limitations that keep you trapped in your own ageism beliefs.

2. Be Mindful of the Words You Use

Often we unknowingly say words that create that internal ‘ageism barrier’

“At my age” or “I used to be able to” or “I remember when….” or worse “I’m too old for this garbage!!” Our words are powerful in determining our outcome.

Don’t get caught up in conversations where people ‘remind’ you of any limitations because of your age, especially in the office! Use words that describe the ‘you’ you want the world to see! Be a guardian of your words as you would your most precious possessions.

3. Network outside of your comfort zone

As we age, we tend to stick with our known group of friends or work colleagues. The fastest way to age, is to keep hanging around the same people, talking about the same thing. To change that, make a conscious effort to get involved in different networking groups. Decide you are going to meet and learn from different people and discover a world outside your own comfort zone.

4. Stop buying into the message of weight gain!

Grrrr. Every time I hear somebody tell me that ‘gaining weight as you age’ is just the way it is, I want to scream!!

No, it’s not. Weight gain after 50 occurs mostly from five things
1. Peri-menopausal and Menopausal hormonal issues.
2. Slowing down activity
3. Sleep challenges that cause an imbalance of our hunger and fullness hormones – grehlin and leptin.
4. Years of weight loss and weight gain that slow down your metabolism
5. Exercising incorrectly
6. Beliefs!

Moreover, all six issues can be solved – but it takes you to take the first step to make them happen. The only way to break through this ageism barrier is to change what you believe about it.

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