Can You Use The Art of Intuitive Eating to Lose Belly Fat?

The Art of Intuitive Eating to Lose Belly Fat

In this video, I’ll show you how you can use the Art of Intuitive Eating to lose Belly Fat? Once you embrace Intuitive Eating, it is a key to permanent weight loss and belly fat in particular.

While this can be a contentious issue – the belly fat I am referring to is Visceral belly fat…not subcutaneous fat. Why should you be concerned about that in your 50’s and 60″s? Because Visceral Belly Fat has been linked to many diseases such as Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes and some cancers.

By setting a strong intention to be focused on your health and aging well, your brain creates opportunities to help you achieve that, and your intuition goes to work to support that.

Remember – your intuition is designed to keep you safe. If you are still sabotaging your wellbeing by eating foods that do not support that intention… then that is conditioning -not Intuition.

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