Are You Scared of Losing Weight?

Are You Scared of Losing Weight?

This morning I was reading a great article by Kathy Caprino a Forbes Magazine contributor and Executive coach about why success won’t come to you if you are afraid of it.

Each of the points she highlighted are exactly the same words I hear from many clients when they are trying to both lose weight and create more success in their lives.

Often times what holds them back is not the ability to lose weight or be successful, but rather the fear of it!

If you are not achieving your physical health/weight loss or fitness goals a question to ask is:

“Does this weight hold a purpose? Am I scared of losing weight?”

In all circumstances, weight is there to protect you from SOMETHING.  It may be to keep you safe, keep you invisible, keep you from attracting people into your life, fear of standing out, or gives you an excuse to not confront issues that need to be dealt with.

Weight is ALWAYS the result of an emotion not dealt with. It is not and never will be just about food and exercise, because when you release the inner emotion or belief,  the desire to empower and nourish your body just flows naturally.

The fear of success can be a powerful driving factor in this journey, releasing the fear will depend on the quality of the questions you ask, and your willingness to release it once and for all.

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