Tapping In the Classroom – An Exciting Collaboration

I am so thrilled to announce a wonderful partnership.

I am teaming up with Dr Peta Stapleton​, Associate Professor of Psychology at Bond University, to bring Tapping to the Classroom.

Our aim is to train teachers, school guidance counsellors, nurses, psychologists and those who work with children – to be able to use tapping to help children overcome stress, anxiety, procrastination and improve academic performance.

Peta and I have been friends for a number of years, and we are both passionate about teaching this amazing modality to the next generation.

In my work mentoring women to create more energy, confidence and success… many times I help facilitate the emotional memory of childhood. Those patterns created from negative people, words or events of our past.  Peta and I have often had conversations about how different the next generation of people could be … if they could heal emotional pain BEFORE they reach adult hood!

And Tapping in the Classrooms was born.  The website is Tapping in the Classroom

Tapping is already being used in some countries around the world…

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Have you used tapping for your child?   If so, what have been the results?  Did they respond to it?



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