Tapping When You Can’t Make a Decision

Sometimes the hardest thing to do – is to make a decision about what to do.

Our intuition is our greatest ally.  And our intuition is what guides us to make choices, long after we have weighed up all the pros and cons, and thought things through, six ways to Sunday. In the end it it our intuition that can be our true guide post.

But in order to be able to listen to your intuition – you must be able to reduce stress and overwhelm, so that you can make a rational, reasonable, wisdom-based decision.  Otherwise, that decision made through stress or overwhelm will be made with all the fear, doubt, worry or limiting beliefs from our past.

In this video today, I share a tapping sequence to help you lower the stress hormone, cortisol, so you you feel calmer and more empowered to make the right decision for you.

If you are struggling to make decisions in your life, I invite you to book in for a 20 minute strategy session with me to see if and how I can help you reclaim you!  https://calendly.com/sallythibault/20min


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