A Special Tapping Conversation

I wanted to share a very special conversation with you.

My middle daughter Alissa has been using EFT for about 18 months.

She recently left her career of eight years in radio, to commence a new role in television news producing.  A challenging, exciting and sometimes daunting career.  Together, over the past year and a half, we have tapped on any limiting blocks or fears she had about her career. As issues arose at work, we would tap on her responses, her experiences and her patterns that often played themselves out

One day, seemingly out of the blue a job opportunity simply dropped in her lap.  She heard about it, applied for it, had an interview for it and was awarded the job all in under a week!  Magic can happen – especially when she realised it was actually a goal she had set herself a year ago, and then forgot about it!

So on a recent visit, I interviewed her about her experience with EFT. This is the result.

Uncut, without rehearsal, we just turned the camera on and started talking. The video is about 16 minutes long – and at the end I asked her how Tapping has changed me AND impacted on our relationship

… I wasn’t surprised by the answer, but it certainly has been Tapping that allowed me to ask her the question, without attachment to the outcome!

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