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Live Event - COMING SOON - Brisbane

Experience Two Days of exceptional personal transformation, inner growth and healing with a tribe of like-minded conscious women 


Experience the Most Powerful Methods to Break Through Personal Limitations to Unleash a More Intuitive, Powerful and WHOLE You ...

 ... and Manifest Your Deepest Held Intentions

What if ... you could be set free of the people, words and events of your past - forever?

For two intensive and exciting days, you’ll be joined by other women for an unforgettable experience that will transform you and your business forever.  

After you break through inner limitations and gain my powerful success strategies and tools, you'll be ready to:  

Help more people than you’ve ever thought possible Make more money than is currently comfortable Be happier than you know how to be AND Experience your own unlimited power and in your full creative flow 

You are going to tap into something that’s BIGGER than yourself! And you’ll experience what it's like to tap into the creative, money-making, and difference-making power within.

Reclaim You - Live 

WHEN: Coming Soon Dates will be announced soon  

WHERE: To Be Confirmed 

Fitsy's Loganhome Cnr Bryants Rd & Pacific Hwy, Loganholme QLD 4129 

Get Free of Your Past and Tap into your Personal Power so You Can Attain Anything You Want - including the Relationships, Business and the Body that you desire. 

Join us for a 2-day highly-experiential workshop and get the tools, training and support you truly need to accomplish anything you can dream of, faster and with more ease than you ever thought possible.  

Your Presenter

Sally is a Professional Speaker, Counsellor, Author, Certified EFT Practitioner and Trainer. She is also a Mentor and Facilitator of the Reclaim You program. She has worked with hundreds of women, helping them to create massive life-changing transformations in their businesses and in their life. Sally created the transformational Reclaim You program, and subsequently wrote the book 'Tapping to Reclaim You' to help women to reignite their passion, power and purpose in their own lives. Sally has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including The Today Show, The Circle, Good Morning San Diego, ABC Radio and FM96.5 Brisbane. She has also featured in Brisbane’s Courier Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin, The Gold Coast Sun, WYZA, Healthy Life and Fitness Pro Magazine. Sally is the Health & We&lne&s Expert on FM96.5 and the Queensland Cancer Council's Live Well Be Well Radio show.

Success is Not Changing Who You Are... It's Reclaiming Who You Are  

"Sally helps you uncover the patterns that trap you in a life of heartache. She then helps you discover how to release yourself from these patterns allowing you to live more fulfilled. I have been given tools to deal with stress/anxiety so I cope better with less frustration & anger. I'm just a nicer person!" ... recent attendee Libby W. - Gold Coast

What you’ll learn and experience at this 2-day hands-on and highly-experiential event

  • Fulfill your Deepest-Held Intentions in Life and in Business - Discover a simple technique for attaining any goal faster and with more ease  

  • Earn More Money And Break Through Your Income Ceiling - Learn powerful modalities for freeing yourself from 'financial paralysis' once and for all.

  •  Be Defined by a Vision of the Future - not a Memory of the Past - Discover how to broadcast your own true genius - live your dreams - not others.

  • Eliminate Patterns And Anxieties Holding You Back - Learn how to confront any dark pain, absorb the lesson and move into mastery of destiny.  

  • Step Up and Unveil your Unique Genius - Experiece being focused and in creative flow so you can turn your ideas into your successes

  • Transform Your Money Blocks & Success Consciousness - See how unconscious money beliefs hold you back and how you can stop them dead in their tracks to grow your financial success.  

  • Reclaim Your Confidence - Experience the power of accomplishing the things that matter to you.  

  • Reignite Your Feminine Power - Utilize the power of your emotions (even your "negative" ones) so that you a become irresistabe and unforgetable

  • Make A Bigger Difference - Live A Bigger Life - become part of a new heart-centered conversation and take your place as a Thought Leader...

Engage, Release, Heal and Transform

  And you’ll learn this all in a positive, uplifting environment with other energetic, ambitious women who will support you along the way – and help you achieve more than you can imagine.  


"Sally Thibault is one of the most intuitive, centred, mindful EFT therapists practicing in the field today." 

Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor Psychology - Bond University  

"Sally is a true Lifestyle Coach - she listens and learns about you and what you want from life and helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back so you can be the best version of the true you. This helps with you personally but also greatly benefits you professionally in business and with all your relationships around you." 

Janet Culpitt, Networking With Confidence

"I expected to work on my beliefs that were holding me back. I ended up getting that and so much more. Discovering many patterns that have shaped my life to what it is today and would have probably stayed had I not been introduced to Sally and this modality..." 

Jo Taylor, Murwillumbah  


Here’s what I know from working with hundreds of women ...  

The only thing that stops you from achieving what you desire is YOU. (But you know this already, right?)  

What holds us back from success is our own internal "stuff" - all the beliefs, self-imposed limitations, fears, scarcity money mindsets, unresolved emotional patterns…  

And then there are behaviors like procrastination, perfectionism, endless distractions and non-productive use of your time  

That’s what’s holding us back.  

It’s never a lack of time, knowledge, or money. It’s not your boss, your spouse or your family. It’s nothing OUTSIDE of you.  

WE create the roadblocks in the way of earning more, impacting more, or BEING more of who we want to be.

RECLAIM YOU is here to help you smash through whatever is holding you back, release the fear and step into a bigger, better, truer version of YOU - so you can experience the deep relationships you love, prosper in the business you choose and be at peace with the body that you desire.

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

- Debbie Ford

More comments ...

"Sally helps you uncover the patterns that trap you in a life of heartache. She then helps you discover how to release yourself from these patterns allowing you to live more fulfilled. I have been given tools to deal with stress/anxiety so I cope better with less frustration & anger. Now I'm just a nicer person!" 

"I had no idea what to expect as I won a session with Sally at a luncheon - I was going to send my husband for some organisation & life coaching skills - but instead I'm glad I did the session with Sally! I discovered that all these years I had buried myself under tonnes of what others expected of me. I now feel lighter in my heart, cope better, am less overwhelmed & have the tools I can use when I need them. ....Libby Went, Gold Coast business owner.

"I expected to get over grief I still carried from the death of both my parents over the years. I ended up getting over many more things that grieve me, some I didnt even realise I was still hanging onto. My top three benefits are: 1) understanding my reactions, 2) be my true self unashamedly, and 3) realising why I react to things the way I do." ....Janet Culpitt, CEO - Networking with Confidence

"In my own quest to let go of old patterns, limiting beliefs, and feelngs and behaviours that belong in the past, I knew that when I struck the tool that Sally teaches that the planets had aligned to give me a tool that acted quickly, at deep[ unconscious levels, and lasted over time -permanently in most cases. Regarding her latest book - I have been around Tapping for many years, and have never come across a book that is so succinct and on point, and backed by evidence. This is a game changer.” ...Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor Psychology - Bond University 

"I got to the core of my issues, increased my confidence, found Abundance and Ease coming my way. Sally is an excellent presenter – bright, focused and well prepared. I loved how much hands-on practice there was. And most important - I'm clearing childhood shit!!" ....Glenda Maree Wagner - Time 4 Yoga, Burleigh  

Sally works with people to take them back to a place of unconditional love and acceptance of themselves before the patterns of life took over.  

My top three benefits are: Being heard without judgment, Being accepted for who I am and Slowly but surely allowing the real Jo Taylor to stand up. ...Jo Taylor, Murwillumbah NSW


"Sally has a gift - to be able to pinpoint the true cause of the issue, then address it." ....Kris Barrett, Nutrition & Health Coach  

  "This workshop was amazing, helping me to realise at a deeper level what things were holding me back from being as successful as I want to be in business and in my personal life." ....Shelley Ahearn Mason, owner Lime Tree Kids  

"The whole weekend was so nuturing, loving, supportive and safe where I could be ME. I have tools now that I can use on my journey. Thankyou, this is so doable and makes so much sense." ....Nola Kennett, Bassendean WA.  

"This weekend has been wonderful, I feel I am now able to move on in my life and to tap to help myself. I would definitely recommend this course." .....Lynda Croker, Buiness Owner, Kyogle NSW


EVENT: Reclaim You: 2-Days of Breaking Through Limitations and Unleashing of Untapped and Potential Power

DATES: To BE Advised - Registration begins Saturday morning at 8:40am, and we will end on Sunday at 5pm

LOCATION: To Be Confirmed 

Fitsy's Loganholme - Corner of Bryants Rd & Pacific Hwy, Loganholme QLD 4129  

Fitzys Loganholme - is located on the M1 only 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD.


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Success is not Changing Who You Are It is Reclaiming Who You Are  

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