Reclaim You Podcast #9 With Jackie Isles

Jackie Isles is a mum of two , a Holistic Nurse Consultant , Lifestyle Consultant , Nutritional Therapist , Reiki Master and a Blue Diamond Essential Oil Educator with doTERRA .

In her life, she has been very blessed to be in the company of some amazingly gifted people. Their wisdom and teachings have helped her grow exponentially and have helped shape her into the multi -faceted business woman she is today.

Her background is in Health Management and over the last 25 years she has consulted to all of the major health retreats in Australia; Camp Eden, The Golden Door and Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat as an RN, Program Manager and Counsellor.

In addition to this she is also incredibly passionate about food, good food. She took this passion for wholefoods and built and ran a national gourmet food company, supplying homes, deli’s and offices in Brisbane with home delivered ‘health retreat’ style food.

Throughout her career I have worked with many people, all on a different ‘wellness’ journey, and each with their own incredible stories of healing.

Today Jackie is the leader of a team of over 6,000 wellness advocates, one of only 2% of leaders in her field and continues to manage and inspire other women to serve others bringing her knowledge of health, wellness and essential oils to thousands of families.

You can find out more about Jackie at


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