Isn’t It Time? Facebook Live Saturday 10 March

Over the last few weeks, I have been interviewed many times on many different radio shows around Australia about my favorite topic.

The rise of the Wise Woman Entrepreneur (ie: Women over 50)

But so many interviewers asked the same two questions

1. Where does a woman over 50 go to find her confidence to start a business?
2. What businesses suit a woman over 50????

How many men are asked questions like that?

Believe it or not sexism and ageism are very, very real.

But I know this to be true… The only people who can change the perception about women over 50 and what life is really like… is us!!

But first, let’s look at some facts.

Over the past 20 years there has been a 46% increase in the number of women business owners with:
• 44% of women business operators aged 40-54.
• 28% of women business operators aged 55 years or more.

And our talents are formidable.

We bring wisdom, intuition, clear thinking and experience to the often chaotic, ever changing world of business.

Expert multi-taskers, able to make critical decisions placing emphasis on the values of loyalty, truth, resilience and determination.

But while we are intelligent, wise and capable, it is our own self-sabotage that can be the greatest challenge we face.

Being overwhelmed by the messages of the youth obsessed media while often struggling to release old patterns of our childhood where it was not acceptable to express an opinion, ask too many questions or ‘show-off’, can all combine to make us feel unheard, invisible and subsequently subconsciously sabotage our own success.

Self-sabotage is sneaky though – it shows up in so many ways.

So it is imperative we acknowledge it to release the sabotage around…

• Our body and weight – so we can embrace our ourselves as strong, powerful and energetic beings.

• Fear of speaking up or speaking out – to speak our truth with confidence.

• Feelings of being a ‘show off’ – so we can own our brilliance and shine our light without reservation

• Procrastination or inertia – that is really masking fear of success or fear of failure

• The belief that you or your idea, has to be perfect – so that you embrace the art of imperfect action to take your idea, offer or service to the world

On this week’s Facebook Live I share how

  1. Recognise Self-Sabotage
  2. What to do to release it

Click on the image below to watch the Facebook Live…Because isn’t it time?


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