Isn’t It Time To Break Self-Imposed Limitations – Facebook Live

On this week’s Facebook Live Show “Isn’t It Time”  we are talking about Self-Imposed Limitations – that manifest as excuses we tell ourselves….

  • “I’m too old”
  • “I’ll never achieve that”
  • “I am not good enough”
  • “It’s too late now”
  • “What make me think I can do that?”

But, what would life be like for you if you could overcome the self-imposed limitations and what you could achieve in your business or in your life?

How would you feel,  if could adopt the same focus as people who climb Mt Everest, run ultra-marathons or create wildly successful global businesses?

And what if the limitations you ‘think’ you have, are actually self-imposed, and you don’t even know it?

Yes it’s true – there can be some limitations to what we want to do in life.  As much as I love to be a super model – the fact that I am 5’ 1” sort of disqualifies me.

But what about the others… beliefs about age, timing or ability?

What difference would it make to you,  if you could identify the difference between an actual limitation …and a limitation you have self-imposed – and are using it as an excuse?

On this week’s show, I share

  1. How to identify a self-imposed limitation.
  2. Where our self-imposed limitations come from
  3. And I share 10 Strategies to help you overcome those limitations that are ‘self-imposed’Just click on the image below, to watch the show!  And leave a comment and let me know if you have identified a ‘self-imposed’ limitation that is hold you back from reclaiming your extraordinary self!


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