What’s Bread Got To Do With It? Free Webinar


We all have the food that we find difficult to ‘give-up’

  • Maybe you want to cut down on the amount of sugar you eat?
  • Maybe you want to cut bread or pasta out of your daily diet?
  • Or maybe you want to just be able to eat one chip…not the whole packet!

So what’s that got to do with energy, confidence and success?

Everything… and here’s why

Every time you set an intention, that you  don’t carry through, it impacts at the very core of your self worth, self value and self belief.  Food is no different.

Food represents the very basis by which we value ourselves.  Knowing that certain foods make you feel uncomfortable; or tired; or stressed but then still choosing to eat them, comes from a deep subconscious feeling. It’s not about willpower, or determination or discipline, but rather from a desire to fill a need that is not being met.

Trying to just ‘give-up’ a certain food is really hard, because usually is a hidden meaning that drives the choice.  The food may represent some need, that can’t be filled any other way.

So just trying to make up your mind to give it up, won’t work, because it is not your ‘cognitive/make sense‘ mind making that decision. Rather it’s a memory, a feeling or a belief, stored deep within the limbic part of your brain – the ’emotion’ centre of your brain.

But the emotional centre of our brain operates 200 times faster than the cognitive brain, meaning that our emotions, beliefs, memories or feelings will override rational thinking. (Ever grabbed a chocolate, even though you didn’t want one, only to think a minute later “Why did I do that?”  …Now you know!)

That food that you ‘just can’t seem to give up’, has a meaning.  When you find the meaning, and release the intensity, the desire to eat the food will simply vanish.

At the same time the judgement, self criticism and frustration you feel will also shift to empowerment. Your energy will increase as your confidence grows.  Quite simply, when you release the inner brain battle – you simply have more energy to focus on what you DO want, not  what you DON’T want.

So on Tuesday 21 June I will be hosting a  live, interactive webinar where I will show you why many foods you just ‘have to have’ actually have a hidden meaning…and how tapping can help you uncover the meaning and release it, YOU are in control of your food choices… not the otherway around!!


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