Evidence Based EFT Training Melbourne

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Do you have a prior qualification in Health, Education or a related field?
Would you like to learn how to introduce the fastest growing evidence-based energy psychology techniques in the world into your field of expertise?
Reserve these dates to learn how to add this proven modality to your current business or practice.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a brief novel intervention combining elements of exposure and cognitive therapy, and somatic stimulation. It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two finger tapping process with a cognitive acceptance statement.
EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals.
This training is delivered face to face but has a pre-reading component, and is only for existing professionals in a relevant field (e.g. health professionals, educators, etc).
In the program created by Dr Peta Stapleton, and delivered by Professional Counsellor, Certified EFT Practitioner and author Sally Thibault, who is one of only three EFT trainers in Australia qualified to deliver this specialized training,
You will learn….
The core principles of Clinical EFT from the research, and how to adapt them to different clinical populations
A sound understanding of Clinical EFT, and how to use it therapeutically and personally.
How to use Clinical EFT to deal with trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
How to apply Clinical EFT in group settings.
How to use Clinical EFT to deal with chronic pain.
How to use Clinical EFT to deal with food issues and emotional eating.
How to use Clinical EFT to deal with stress and anxiety.
How to use Clinical EFT for negative automatic thoughts, schemas and core beliefs.
How to use Clinical EFT for goal setting and your practice success.
How to use Clinical EFT to help you cope with the stresses of difficult clients.
The research behind Clinical EFT
You will receive:
Free access to the 9-module audio EFT program created by Dr Peta Stapleton for personal or client use (RRP $99)
A free copy of the ebook How to Use EFT for Wealth Creation and Abundance (by Dr Peta Stapleton RRP $25)
A free copy of the e-book the 6 Steps to Create Sustainable Success (by Sally Thibault for personal or client use)
Scripts for Clinical EFT techniques and exercises, which you can either use verbatim or adapt as desired for your clients
A variety of useful handouts and worksheets for use with clients
Ongoing support via an online group setting
Cost of Training
COST of TRAINING: $499 early bird until 18 August….$599 per person
The pre-reading resources are free and will be available when you register
All reviews of your case studies are free after your training
* please note you must complete your Pre-reading Requirements (listed below ) prior to attending this training and you must supply evidence of your status as a health or education professional. Full details on registration. No lay people are able to attend this training.
This Evidence-based EFT Training has been accepted as an International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) Approved Training Provider.

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