Avante Guard Networking Event – Featured Sponsor

Avant-Garde Networking and Connection Launch

Friday 23 February 7am

Royal Pines, Gold Coast

What is Avante-Gard Networking and Connection all about.?
Freedom giving you :

Elevated Purpose

Like AirBNB, UBER and Netflix, networking must change.
Not your ho/hum normal networking, business card sharing event. The focus is to develop strategic alliances with other thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business leaders in our city.

Elevated Conversations

This event is not for those just starting out in business but for those who are already successful and want to share ideas, thoughts and challenges about leadership and business success and sustainability in a fast changing world

Elevated Connections

We know when you reach this level of success in your business, strategic alliances and business connections are critical to your success. You will be meeting with and mixing with those who understand the power of connection in business

Elevated Energy

Spend time with people who have the same energy as you. a deep desire to harness their personal power to make a difference in the world
Elevated Event
Spend the morning at the top floor of the Royal Pines Resort, with views of the surrounds, matching the view you have at the top.

This event is not for everybody!

Who is that everybody? – if you are new to business, or are happy with their existing group and networking, are learning the skill of networking, are not given to drive their business or self.
In fact, it is only open to thought leaders, extraordinary entrepreneurs and exceptional business leaders in your community.

Who are these people and What are they asking me for?Do you want the same, being:

* Meaningful Business Conversations with others who think like you do
* Connections with like-minded people who want to make a difference in your world.
* Purpose Driven Topics for discussion that elevate, inspire and motivate you.

This will revolutionise the art of business connecting  For details  https://www.facebook.com/events/773915976137335/


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