Effective Strategies to Overcome Anxiety for Children Living with ASD

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We hear it all day every day – the number one issue for our kids and teens on the spectrum (and their parents!) is managing anxiety.

In following the very successful event held on the Gold Coast in April, Kris Barrett and Sally Thibalt have decided to continue sharing their knowledge and experience in this informative, relaxed workshop.

They will be sharing with you the time-tested strategies they implemented to help their children (and themselves) overcome the debilitating impact of Anxiety.

Both Kris and Sally are passionate in their belief that if we can manage the anxious feelings, every other therapy and intervention will be far more effective – not to mention the benefits to the health and happiness of the entire household.

During this workshop they will share their very personal story and how shifting focus on helping their children cope with anxiety has been the catalyst to their son’s success.

This event is designed to be a very intimate event, to allow you ask questions specific to your current circumstance and draw on Kris and Sally’s wealth of experience.

Come and learn how to use some simple, cost effective strategies that are proven to reduce anxiety and create calming and soothing emotions. And can be used for a lifetime.

LIMITED SEATING – Only 12 spaces available. Please confirm your booking ASAP.


Kris Barrett

Is a Speaker, Author, Essential Oils coach and Health Coach. She is the mum of two children, with her youngest son Tim diagnosed with ASD when he was two years old. Her journey as an Autism Warrior Mum has seen her son Tim go from continual illnesses, therapies and challenging behaviours, to now successfully attending mainstream school, winning awards and about to embark on a trip of school trip of a lifetime.

Kris’s passionate, compassionate and down to earth approach to health and wellness has helped hundreds of families living with ASD to create simple, cost effective strategies to overcome the most challenging aspects of life with ASD.

Sally Thibault

Is a Speaker, Author, Life Coach, EFT Trainer and Facebook Live Show Host. She is the mum of three children, with her eldest son David diagnosed with ASD in 1997 when he was 12 years old. Sally will share with you the challenges of the diagnosis which came at a time when very little was known about ASD. How with limited options, she was forced to remove him from school when he was in Year 10. But through implementing simple, anxiety focused strategies, David went on to graduate from University, find his soul mate and how he now lives and works in his dream job in Canada. An outcome she could not have possibly imagined all those years ago.


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