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Manifesting Miracles – How to Feel More Confident

Do you need more confidence to achieve what you want? In order to 'feel' more confident, sometimes you just have to 'Be' more confident In this facebook live, I explain how.. Tapping When You Don't Feel Confident Ready to find your confidence again.. Try a Free 30...

Manifesting Miracles The Lessons of Procrastination

Whenever we procrastinate.. there is a lesson; a why; a reason But often we blame or judge ourselves.  In this Facebook Live I share how you can find the lessons in procrastination to help you continually manifest miracles in your life How To Tap on Procrastination...

Manifesting Miracles – How to Stay In Flow

It is so easy to be pulled out of flow!... to stop your flow of intuition.. guidance and wisdom. What does 'flow' feel feels effortless... but as easy as it is to stay 'in flow'.. it is just as easy to be pulled out of it.  And that's when things become...

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