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Reclaim You Podcast Episode #13 With Katie Clift

Katie Clift is an International PR consultant, broadcaster and journalist. Originally from Brisbane Australia, Katie and her husband Matt moving to Greece early in 2017. In this episode Katie shares how she and Matt have embraced living in Greece, learning a new language and still running an international PR and Broadcasting business, while enjoying the history, the energy….and the food of Greece!

No More Hiding – It’s time to Shine Your Light and Reclaim You

Have you seen The Greatest Showman movie yet? The title song of the movie, entitled This is Me and sung by the passionate and talented Keala Settle, is extraordinary. The words expressing what 2018 is about for so many of us. This is the real, this is me I'm exactly...

The Power of a One Word Theme

Each year since 1997, I have chosen a one-word theme for the coming year. After 20 years, the process has become more powerful, more meaningful and more magical... but I do it a little different than most people. I would like to share with you how this process has...

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